When your systems are implemented by way of FPGA SDR instead of traditional implementations, it offers a wide array of benefits that are not otherwise enjoyed. In fact, using FPGA SDR can be a useful way of becoming independent.

Technological Freedom

When you use FPGA, you are actually leveraging your position into one of freedom from component manufacturers. The main reason for this is that additional components are not needed to change any output; the change is done totally by way of software configuration. The same component can be used for multiple reasons without the need for additional hardware.


Unlike traditional computer chips that are hardwired and can’t be changed, FPGA chips can be reprogrammed every step of the way, either before shipment, during the processing, or even after the customer has them. In fact, the customer themselves can reprogram them at will. No professional help is needed.

Market Acceleration

When it comes to developing prototypes and getting them to market, the fact that FPGA SDR chips are so versatile is a big reason why they can be offered to end users much more quickly than traditional chips.

Fast Systems

Traditional chips are designed to be used by the widest base of consumers possible. This generally leads to a compromise being made between speed and system compatibility. However, FPGA chips can be tailored to the specific needs of a particular consumer, so no compromise is necessary.

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