As technology has advanced, many tools have also been adapted to assist farmers and help them improve their operations.

In 2022, the ones that stand out the most for their convenience and usefulness are farming apps. They allow rural workers to move towards digitalization to fuel the industry’s prosperous growth.

The best farming apps have been designed to guide farmers through every stage of the process, from sowing to growing. These are the top options you can find this year.

1 SourceTrace

By offering not only one app but multiple software solutions, SourceTrace hopes to provide farmers with the technology they need to solve supply chain-related problems.

With SourceTrace’s different apps, you can monitor every phase, from farm to retail, to make agriculture and food systems more sustainable and convenient.

2 Krish-e

With this farming app developed by Mahindra & Mahindra, you can create a personalized calendar for farms and get agricultural information on important topics such as:

    • Sow crops
    • Crop diagnosis
    • Crop planning
    • Fertilizer management
    • Seed treatmente
    • Plague and illness management
    • Weed treatment and irrigation
    • And more!

Also, all the information you can find is available in eight common Indian languages!

3 IFFCO Kisan Agriculture

Launched over seven years ago, this farming app helps farmers make informed decisions about their operations through high-quality, personalized information tailored to their needs.

Its users can access different information modules, including agricultural advisory, market prices, weather, and more!

4 Pusa Krishi

This farming app was launched by the Indian Union Agriculture Minister, hoping to provide farmers with information on technologies that can increase their returns.

In addition, Pusa Krishi offers information on crop production, crop protection, and other allied services.

Final Thoughts

The best farming apps are here not only to boost the industry and improve supply chains but also to support farmers and become their best allies, especially when it comes to taking care of their crops as their primary source of income.