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Easy and Intuitive Task Automation With User-Friendly Collaborative Robots

Compact and user-friendly six-axis collaborative robots can operate anywhere and can automate tasks with little set-up. Operation is simple and quick because they don’t require expert-level knowledge. These automated assistants serve as an extra hand that handles repetitive or basic tasks, freeing up time for more involved projects. Designed for Safety Collaborative robots companies have […]

Advanced, Accurate, and High-Speed Logo and QR Code Scanning Devices

While graphic QR codes are a popular way to connect mobile devices through print media, QR codes with custom designs will attract even more attention, as much as 50-percent to 200-percent more scans, than standard black-and-white versions. QR code scanners are now optimized through updated lighting and pixel recognition to quickly scan and recognize a […]

2 Benefits of Installing and Using Automation Equipment

Will you be operating and managing a production warehouse, servicing clients from various industries? Will you be offering your brand of manufacturing services that will be known for not only precision but for also lightning-fast production capabilities? Are you now searching for a solution to minimize costs to ensure profit optimization without sacrificing quality? If […]