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Important Things That Today’s Robots Can Do Effectively and Efficiently

In the past, collaborative robots companies primarily made products for assembly lines. This trend is over because today’s bots have better programming. Here are sevens things a bot can do. Prepare Meals A bot with proper programming can cook. It will: Measure ingredients Mix ingredients Stir components Bake desserts Fry food Run A team at […]

How Robots are Helping the Automotive Industry’s Human Workforce

Collaborative Robots are equipment designed to work alongside a person. These tools are proving to be very helpful inside the automotive industry because of how they learn and operate. Once programmed, Collaborative Robots can repeat that specific job over and over, and because of that, the applications for this form of technology are becoming more […]

How Automatic Data Capture Systems Improve Businesses Around the World

Automatic data capture systems enable secured access to digital services, physical locations and resources. Facial authentication is an increasingly popular technology that’s beneficial across industries. Many organizations implement automatic data capture devices because of the added security. This technology is as accurate as a fingerprint. Touchless Transactions One of the greatest benefits of facial authentication […]

Easy and Intuitive Task Automation With User-Friendly Collaborative Robots

Compact and user-friendly six-axis collaborative robots can operate anywhere and can automate tasks with little set-up. Operation is simple and quick because they don’t require expert-level knowledge. These automated assistants serve as an extra hand that handles repetitive or basic tasks, freeing up time for more involved projects. Designed for Safety Collaborative robots companies have […]

Advanced, Accurate, and High-Speed Logo and QR Code Scanning Devices

While graphic QR codes are a popular way to connect mobile devices through print media, QR codes with custom designs will attract even more attention, as much as 50-percent to 200-percent more scans, than standard black-and-white versions. QR code scanners are now optimized through updated lighting and pixel recognition to quickly scan and recognize a […]

2 Benefits of Installing and Using Automation Equipment

Will you be operating and managing a production warehouse, servicing clients from various industries? Will you be offering your brand of manufacturing services that will be known for not only precision but for also lightning-fast production capabilities? Are you now searching for a solution to minimize costs to ensure profit optimization without sacrificing quality? If […]