How Robots are Helping the Automotive Industry’s Human Workforce

by | Oct 8, 2021 | Technology

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Collaborative Robots are equipment designed to work alongside a person. These tools are proving to be very helpful inside the automotive industry because of how they learn and operate. Once programmed, Collaborative Robots can repeat that specific job over and over, and because of that, the applications for this form of technology are becoming more widespread each day. Here are two places where these robotic assistants are showing up inside the auto world and its related fields.


Manufacturers have been using mechanical workers for decades, but these new forms are more agile and productive. When partnered with a human, the team can complete work quickly and efficiently. Some of the duties robots do in manufacturing plants are welding, sanding, and painting. When the machines take over these dirty jobs, it can reduce a human’s exposure to harmful chemicals and byproducts, and this system allows the person to handle the creative end of the process.


Collaborative machines are already in place in mammoth warehouses. They help quietly move pallets and boxes without any lights, but there are many tasks that require the watchful eye of a supervising person. Cameras strategically attached to these robots can keep products moving and inspected. The developers of this technology can create machines that can lift far greater weight than any human being, and this application can reduce workplace injuries.

Collaborative Robots empower workforces and add a helping hand in critical situations. For more information on how your industry might benefit from this advanced robotic technology, contact DENSO robotics at.

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