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How Can Solar Plus Storage in Rhode Island Benefit You?

Solar panels emerged with more than two million installations across the US by May of 2019. A recent poll discovered that 9 out of 10 adults approve of expansion towards solar power use. Solar panels only perform the collection of light and turn it into electricity. Solar Plus Storage maximizes this energy by storing it […]

Why Commercial Solar in Connecticut Has Benefits Beyond Financial

The driving force for commercial solar usually revolves around reducing costs. From the lucrative Federal Solar Tax Incentive to significant decreases in your electricity bill, solar can save you money. However, commercial solar also comes with a range of other benefits that make solar for your business even more appealing. Attract Customers That are Inspired […]

$0 Down Solar Loan Programs CT

Thanks to the extensive incentives and programs available to you in Connecticut, you can install a solar system for your house for zero dollars down through multiple loan programs. These programs offer low cost financing with minimal to no upfront costs so you can get away from the pricey CT utilities. The options for you […]