Agriculture Software Plays Key Role in Addressing Climate Change

by | Mar 8, 2024 | Agricultural Service

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Agriculture software is a tool that is crucial to addressing climate change while enabling food safety and quality. Agriculture depends on the weather, making it vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. At the same time, it continues to be a source of direct and indirect carbon emissions, which contribute to global warming.

It is the proverbial catch-22. Farmers and other stakeholders in the food value chain must produce food but, in the process, are also contributing to harmful changes in climate conditions.

Reducing the Agriculture Industry’s Carbon Footprint With Technology

The OECD estimates agriculture, forestry, and other land use account for approximately 22% of global GHG emissions. Half of these emissions are coming from farming practices. The recommendations for reducing the GHG emissions from farming practices include increasing carbon sequestration in soils and biomass by increasing productivity.

Utilizing technologies like agriculture software can help farmers increase land productivity, decreasing GHG emissions. Crop monitoring activities through data collection and analysis include:

  • Geo plotting to maintain a record of crop evolution and rotations
  • Identification of the type of fertilizers and pest and weed control products used
  • Farm certifications and compliance with standards
  • Harvest data that includes yield estimation and quantity harvested
  • Transport vehicle tracking for efficiency to reduce fossil fuel consumption

Everyone Must Do Their Part in the Agriculture Value Chain

Addressing climate change is challenging and requires stakeholders in every industry value chain to utilize technology to develop new best practices that support the reduction of carbon emissions. For agriculture, it begins with adopting tech-based agriculture solutions like agriculture software that supports identifying and reducing carbon emissions through improved efficiency and productivity.

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