Epiq Solutions is a company that develops cutting-edge tools for engineers and the government, which helps them identify and act against wireless threats. The company has superior RF technology through their SDR transceiver modules and RF sensing tools that help them make the RF world secure and effective. The industrial expertise available in the company helps clients to get services under a budget and on time. RF transceivers are one of their most popular products because of their good qualities. Here are the types of RF transceivers that Epiq Solutions offer:

Sidekiq™ Mini PCIe

This small form factor supports two RF front-end operation modes; common LO and separate LOs. Common LO is two phase coherent SDR receivers, and separate LOs means one receiver and one transmitter. It has RF tuning rand of 70MHz to 6GHz. A bandwidth of up to 50MHz per channel and power usage of 2.1W.

Sidekiq™ M.2

It has a PCle Gen2 interface and two options for RF front end: 2*2 MIMO, which is either two receivers, two transmitters, or separate LOs. It has an RF tuning range of 70MHz to 6GHz. A bandwidth of up to 50 MHz power channel and power consumption of 2.1W.

Epiq Solutions solve the complicated challenges of ensuring the security and safety of the wireless environment. They help companies to stay compliant and work on time and under a budget. The company offers more than RF products. They offer phase coherent SDR receivers that help customers perform interesting experiments such as beam forming and RF direction finding. Contact Epiq Solutions at https://epiqsolutions.com/ to solve your complicated challenges in a secure environment.