Software for shop management can include many things, and you should look for a product that offers many functions. That way, it doesn’t matter what you need the software to do because it can handle it. Plus, even if you don’t need that particular function now, you might always find a use for it in the future. The software can grow with you, ensuring that you don’t need to buy something else later, which can save you time and money.


While most shop owners don’t think about it much, you’ve got plenty of items on hand in your inventory. It could be in poor taste not to keep track of all those items because if you promise that you have a particular part, you should have it available. Customers aren’t going to be happy if they drive to your location or have their vehicle towed there because you have what they need in stock, only to find that you’ve already used it and never bought another.

Keeping track of everything is much easier with software; you can quickly see how many parts you have. Plus, the software can remind you when you get low on certain parts or items, which means you can quickly buy more so that you never run out again.


The first thing customers ask is how much will it cost? If you can’t accurately answer that while they’re on the phone or in front of you, they aren’t likely to let you do the work.

In most cases, software for shop management has an estimation tool, which allows you to quickly see how much the part should cost, as well as the labor. If desired, you can print out this information and give it to the customer as a written estimate.