Recover Permanently Deleted Files

by | Apr 28, 2021 | Software Company

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It has probably happened to most people at some point. You are clearing out old files on your desktop and you accidentally included something important. Without realising, the important file is permanently deleted alongside what you wanted to get rid of. If you run a business or you are working in an office, this action could potentially be very costly, especially with the introduction of new GDPR rules.

Typically, you get a warning from your computer saying “This will permanently delete the file.” However, all is potentially not lost as there are ways that you can recover permanently deleted files.

Advanced software

Amrev offers a special form of advanced data recovery software. As well as being able to recover deleted files, it can also find files that have been formatted in addition to retrieving lost data as well. Whether it occurs through a computer crash, a corrupted USD drive or virus, all of this can be dealt with using this software.

It is also very user friendly- with a few clicks you can launch the program, scan your device and then preview and recover. The best part is you can trial it for free and see it in action, though you will have to upgrade to the paid version to save recovered data (remember to check computer specifications to see if it is compatible with your device.)

For more information and to discuss these data recovery products in general please use the contact form in order to see how you can help protect your data.

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