During the operation of hydraulic pump, mechanical action creates vacuum which enable atmospheric pressure to push fluid from external source to inlet of pump, mechanical action also force fluid in hydraulic action and deliver it to outlet of pump. Pump does not produce pressure; it produces flow required for development of pressure.

A rotary positive displacement pump is a pump which delivers same amount of fluid for each rotating cycle of pumping element. Rotary pumps are classified on the basic of its pumping element such as vane, gear, piston and lobe. Gear pumps are popular choice for hydraulic application across petrochemical and chemical industry, because of its ability handle viscous and aggressive fluids. The output of gear pump is not dependent on discharge pressure; it is simple operation where if you double the gear speed then you will get double output. However wear and tear is a major concern at high revolution per minute.

There are two main types of gear pumps – External Gear and Internal Gear pumps. External gear pumps are widely known as lubrication pumps, and used as oil pumps in engines and machine tools. These pumps have ability to work beyond 200 bars, because of its close tolerance and shaft support on both sides of gear. External gear pumps are knowns for its precise transfer and metering application, and widely used across applications of polymer and fuel.

Internal gear pumps can handle liquids from 1 centi Poise to over 10,000 Poise; make it an ideal choice to handle fluids like asphalt, adhesive, resins, polymer & chocolate among others. These pumps can also be used to handle thin liquids such as inks, solvents and alcohol. It has excellent feature i.e. single point of end clearance, enable pump to operates in temperature range up to 4000C and accommodate wear. This is a bi-directional pump and can be used for loading as well as of unloading of fluids.

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