While many larger companies have their internal technology teams able to perform most tasks required to run the business, sometimes experts outside of the company are needed for specific tasks. When there is an external attack or equipment failure, which may require data recovery on an external hard drive, it’s possible that data will be deleted or corrupted. Having an expert at your side to handle the situation is the best possible solution.

Why Hire an Expert

There are many different types of data recovery which can cause major issues to a flourishing business. Anything from external hard drives to servers, legacy media, and mobile devices store data; each of these sources of data can fail in unique ways. A data recovery expert can restore or extract needed information that might seem lost due to user error, natural disaster, or the passing of time.

Recognizing the Problem

If you are dealing with a hard drive that keeps making an odd clicking sound, or you have dropped and older laptop, you may need data recovery for the external hard drive or laptop. The same applies if a fire broke out at a data center or many other emergency situations that can come up.

Having an experienced expert who can secure your data will prevent frustration going forward. In many cases, data can be salvaged as long as proper procedures are carried out. This applies to solid state hard drives, cell phones, and even thumb drives. A professional recovery expert may also be able to retrieve data from video game consoles, mp3 players, and analog recording tape.

The Recovery Process

The case will begin with the company doing diagnostics to determine if recovery is possible and what the price will be for the service. When dealing with hard drives, the component will be worked on in a clean room with the help of specialized software and equipment. After the recovery has been completed, the integrity and validity of the files will be checked. The results will be sent back to you as verification of successful recovery. At that point, the data will be sent back to the company on whatever media is preferred.

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