The Benefits of Digitally Storing Health Records for Patients

by | Sep 14, 2021 | Information Technology and Services

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In some ways, the medical community is quick to adopt change. When new technologies come out that are proven to save lives, doctors rush to adopt these technologies. However, the medical community can be slow to adopt other changes. For example, it has been a challenge for some clinics to make the switch from manually storing records to keeping electronic health records. If a behavioral health facility makes the move to behavioral health EHR record-keeping, they are going to experience a number of benefits.

With behavioral health EHR, the purpose is to consolidate a patient’s medical chart and turn it into a digital document. These are updated patient records that the doctor and patient can assess in real-time. They offer a high level of security because these documents can only be authorized by users who have been provisioned.

The beauty of these documents is that they contain details of the patient’s medical history. They layout any medications the patient has been given, any allergies they have, or any testing that they have done. These records can be used to document treatment plans and laboratory results for patients. Storing health records digitally gives physicians and care providers the tools to make accurate decisions about their patients when determining what care is right for them.

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