Plug and Play Solutions for Healthcare Providers in Florida and Beyond

by | Mar 5, 2020 | Information Technology and Services

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The easiest, most cost-effective way to provide revenue cycle management technology — RCM — to the healthcare industry is via the internet. The result is providing RCM healthcare services to clients 24/7/365.


This is possible and easy through a software solution that is accessible and secure. If you provide addiction treatment and behavior healthcare services you are acutely aware of the necessity for not only a secure electronic health records system, but a software that is affordable, intuitive, and reliable.


The cornerstone of any software program is its reliability. Reliability means ensuring claims are not denied because of mistakes in an untimely filing, insufficient information, duplicate billing, or improper coding.

Real People/Real Solutions

Have you ever tried a new software and it worked immediately? That’s plug and play. The only thing better than plug and play software is having it designed to your specifications by accessible “human” experts. New sources of funding in behavioral healthcare and addiction treatment allow patients to receive the necessary treatment they need. Slow and labor-intense billing processes make it wasteful of time and money to collect necessary payments. RCM healthcare services geared to
your methods and integrated into your best practices by software representatives available at your convenience is what plug and play are all about.

Connect with AZZLY and discover what plug and play mean to your delivery of services with their complete resources available through behavioral health and addiction treatment management software at Sitename.

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