How Billing Software Simplifies and Streamlines Workflows for Mental Health Providers

by | Feb 21, 2020 | Information Technology and Services

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How Billing Software Simplifies and Streamlines Workflows for Mental Health Providers

Accreditation agencies and insurance payors are more often requiring integrated care on information platforms, such as EMR or EHR, to maintain consistency and coordination of patient data. Keeping track of patient data also includes billing information. That’s where billing software comes in, keeping workflow and payments timely and in order.

Utilization Review Reports for Mental Health Billing

As there is no limit to the amount of lab code claims in a UR report, medication-assisted treatment laboratories and providers can do away with spreadsheets entirely. Reports can be reviewed on a daily or weekly basis, assisting in workflow management for the week. The system automatically calculates items according to authorization numbers, date ranges and review dates entered.

Accounts Receivable Reports

AR reports consistently keep up on claims until the balance reaches zero. Report designs can include visual review-aids, such as aging buckets, indicating collections status and making monitoring of collections-staff performance easy.

Advantages of Mental Health Billing Software

Among the functions and services mental health billing software covers are:

  • Ancillary services
  • Professional and institutional services
  • Opioid or MAT treatment
  • Superbills
  • Financial, billing or census reports

Advantages include:

  • Claim autofills
  • Claim complete and send in seconds
  • Direct connection to major healthcare insurance companies
  • Superbill customization
  • Auto-fill for patient information and diagnoses

Call Today to Inquire About Customizable Packages

According to a provider’s programs and functions, EHR and billing software companies can customize billing models and recommend the best-suited package, including UR forms, RCM, patient payments and reporting analytics. Call AZZLY Rize at (888)400-3201 or visit Sitename for more information.

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