How Can Solar Plus Storage in Rhode Island Benefit You?

by | Aug 31, 2020 | Solar Panels

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Solar panels emerged with more than two million installations across the US by May of 2019. A recent poll discovered that 9 out of 10 adults approve of expansion towards solar power use. Solar panels only perform the collection of light and turn it into electricity. Solar Plus Storage maximizes this energy by storing it for future use. Incorporating them into your solar energy system helps you sustain your energy despite outages and inclement weather.

Many people are well-aware of the benefits alongside this initiative, including the conservation of energy, saving money, and fewer carbon emissions, but not how it relates directly to Rhode Island residents.

With Solar Plus Storage, You Can Always Rely on Your Rhode Island Solar Energy System

A Solar Plus Storage system utilizes the clean energy produced by solar panels and stores it for future use. You can always rely on this system, considering that solar power is a natural renewable energy source. It is accessible as long as the sun exists, unlike other sources out there. The battery system stores the energy and works similarly to conventional generators under conditions of power outages. Solar Plus Storage systems are especially useful in case of intense weather when the sunlight is not as strong.

Solar panels can still generate power during these conditions, but the efficiency drops. It can only perform up to 10% to 20% of its power capacity on cloudy and rainy days. Fortunately, using a battery system that stores most of the excess solar energy solves this problem.

Additionally, the maintenance of solar energy systems doesn’t require a lot of effort and money. Most reliable manufacturers offer a 20 to 25 years warranty for unforeseen circumstances. Though it might cost a substantial amount during installation, you can always apply for incentive programs to save you on your initial investment. You can learn about the available programs below.

You Can Take Advantage of More Incentive Programs Such as ConnectedSolutions

ConnectedSolutions created an incentive program to encourage Rhode Island residents towards supporting the development of renewable energy consumption. They offer rebates to consumers who install qualifying solar energy systems on their property. You can install with their supported integrators such as Tesla, Generac, Outback, and SolarEdge to participate in these incentives.

These utility companies draw the energy from your battery system during definitive peak periods. This method balances the electric grid to avoid unnecessary use of “peaker plants.” The peaker plants generate additional energy at peak periods throughout the day, contributing to surges in electricity costs. They also release greenhouse gases that pollute the plants. Thus, participating in the program allows you to receive earnings while conserving energy and saving the environment.

Altogether Avoid Time of Day Demand Charges

Demand charges are a significant portion of your utility bill. These charges go to the maintenance costs of your electric utility’s infrastructure that delivers electricity to your household. The rate of demand charges depends on the height of the peak of your energy consumption each month. The higher it is, the higher your demand charges would be. This demand is where the conducive solar-plus-storage system comes in. The energy from this system maximizes when demand charges and energy costs are higher, which allows you to avoid the time of day demand charges altogether.

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