Having a business with a single telephone line can make it challenging to get operations done efficiently. Utilizing a company that offers hosted phone systems in Lancaster, PA, can help provide more functionality to meet your requirements. If you desire more control and want to use a reliable, centralized solution, this type of system may be what you need to get more tasks done in your office.

Providing Centralized Control and Video Calling

Installing a PBX phone system allows you to use employee and department extensions and dial by name directories. If you want to simplify conferencing, it’s done automatically. You can also utilize video calling, which gives you an excellent, clear picture that can make it more efficient to consult with clients or communicate with an affiliate office in a separate location.

Mobile Integration

Utilizing a company that offers hosted phone systems in Lancaster, PA, allows you to set up, manage and access calls from each employee’s smartphone or tablet. With the availability of a web user interface that’s compatible with Android and iPhone technologies, your business can increase productivity by having each team member hooked into one network.

High-Quality Hardware and Software

It’s also essential to be using high-quality hardware when you are communicating. Having access to equipment that’s designed to hold up for several years should help ensure you have state-of-the-art audio and video quality when you’re in the middle of a crucial meeting. These systems utilize a stable operating system, which is essential in delivering the reliability you expect.