There is a misconception when it comes to managing a substance abuse treatment or detox center. The misconception is that the only challenge these types of facilities face is the management of their patients. As an owner and operator of a drug rehabilitation center, you are well aware that managing patients are not the only difficulties you face in your daily operations. You are also responsible for the outcome of patients during and after their treatment, which equates to your facility’s financial output. Here are two reasons why you should start using software that includes an outcome measurement tool that caters to substance abuse or detox centers like yours.

Deep Insight

One of the main reasons why you should start utilizing software is so that you have vital insights into the quality of care you can provide patients. As its name implies, the tool measures various outcomes of your facility from a clinical aspect as well as financially. This ties your patient’s treatment goals to the management of your facility’s resources, allowing you to make necessary adjustments by making informed decisions by using this specific tool.


In addition to valuable insight, another reason why you should start using software that includes an outcome measurement tool is to stay in compliance. As you may be aware, new regulatory standards were created during the 2018 Joint Commission. To meet and/or exceed these new compliance standards, use Joint Commission and CARF compliant software that includes an outcome measurement tool.

Expert Software Made by Professionals for Professionals

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