As the demand for mental health services increases around the country, healthcare managers experience a unique strain on their resources. The facilities they are in charge of may admit and treat more people than in the past. They also may create and need to manage more records in a discreet yet logical and accessible way.

Rather than rely on outdated methods for managing a mental health facility, you as a facilities supervisor could simplify the process by using mental health EMR software. This could allow you and your employees the convenience and accessibility needed to compile, manage, and organize records, treatment processes, and more in the facility today.

Fast Compilation of Records

Before you can treat a patient for mental illness, you first must create and compile a record for his or her treatment. The record will need to include everything from the patient’s name and home address to his or her primary care doctors and medications the patient is taking right now.

Rather than having to wait for records to be sent to you from other healthcare providers, you may want to use mental health EMR software that lets you access records stored in a universal medical records system. You can import the data from the patient’s prior records and store them in the new record you compile for your own facility.

Easy Yet Secure Access

You also want to keep the records at your facility secure yet accessible to authorized parties. You do not want just anyone to be able to get them. You want to use a program that has a clear verification process for employees who want to find out what is in patients’ records. The program you choose may have a two or three-step verification process to grant access.

The newest mental health software can simplify managing your facility. You also may store patient records more securely.