Selecting Business Phone Systems in Terre Haute IN

by | May 30, 2020 | Telecommunications

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There are a few options for business phone systems in Terre Haute IN, and selecting the right one to suit the needs can save businesses a lot of time and money. Many small start-up businesses begin with regular telephone systems. They select a carrier for land lines and cell phone services. There are bundle plans and packages for minutes, long distance calling, and data sharing. Introductory rates and business discounts are appealing, and setting it all up is quick and easy. Free cell phones are usually offered, so business owners think they are saving money, and they may be compared to some other telephone companies.

What many do not realize is that voice over the Internet (VoiP) solutions can reduce costs by up to seventy percent over current phone bills. It is also easier to eliminate barriers to communication by going wireless. Calls are made, and answered, over the Internet, so connections are clearer, systems are more efficient, and there are many features that are not available on traditional telephones. Call forwarding, waiting, and monitoring are all features, as is conferencing. Another feature is voice mail to e-mail transcription. That means there is a record of every call so nothing is missed and orders or requests for information do not get lost or overlooked. Customer service and consistency are higher, which helps the business create a customer base and gain repeat customers.

Another option for business phone systems in Terre Haute IN is the Mitel 5000 Communications Platform. It is a flexible system that is ideal for businesses of any size. The platform includes Enterprise level applications and is designed to expand as the business does. That means that one initial investment in this platform is all the business will ever need. The return on investment will be high because there will be no need to install or train staff on another system as the business thrives and grows.

The platform blends a voice system into the current data network to save operating costs, provides low maintenance costs, and requires only low annual software assurance costs. One number and one mailbox for all users make it versatile, as people can access the platform from home, an office, or while mobile. Companies that offer communications systems and IT support, such as Innovative Communication Solutions Inc, for example, are expert in sales, installation, and support.

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