In the current market for biostimulants in agriculture, start-up businesses are sitting in an open space for opportunity and growth due to the rising global population and shortage of availability of resources. There are two factors that affect the market’s ability to sustain growth; managing chemical interactions in ecosystems through a conscious practice of environmental limitations and staying aware and taking an active approach to how biostimulants affect the health of consumers.


Designed to be additives to fertilizers and pesticides, biostimulants positively engender a plant’s growth cycle and enhance its overall biological health through its fertility and yield. Stimulants also assist a plant in production under environmental stressors caused by variations in temperature or the availability of water.

Rising Projections

The current world market for biostimulants in agriculture is growing at a quick pace. Several agricultural forecasters expect continuous growth in the market for years to come. Interest in products has grown so strongly that biostimulants are regular a discussion at the farm-house table.

Planning For Growth

For the beginning entrepreneur in biostimulants, scaling up production for increased sales is a must. To turn ideas to profits, look to a company that provides more than skilled labor. You need a company that knows its way around the problems and successes of working with regional and state agricultural challenges. CJB Applied Technologies is an ally in growing your business product. Learn more about CJB Applied Technologies