Using a professional website design and development service in Atlanta allows a team of specialized professionals to work on all aspects of the website. While the design team often gets most of the credit for a great site from the business, there are many different specialists working behind the scenes to ensure the website is functioning correctly and offers all the features the business wants.

One of the professionals that are instrumental in ensuring the features on the website is user-friendly and create the online experience ideally suited for the business is the PHP developer. PHP is primarily a server-side language, which means it is not visible on the computer, but this language allows the processing of information through Hypertext Processor protocols before it is converted to HTML, which is what the end-user sees on the website.

Allows for Website Protection

The PHP developer can embed PHP language into HTML content on the website. This makes it ideal for the server side and the computer side of a website to function efficiently. However, as PHP is on the server side, anyone viewing the website cannot gain access to that code. This prevents copying of the code, keeping your website features secure.

It is also possible to create sections or area of the website where there is restricted access. The use of logins and passwords is managed through PHP coding.

Databases and Calculations

For eCommerce sites and other similar sites where calculations are required, it is the work of the PHP developer to ensure these calculations are completed instantly and accurately, providing the information end-users need to use.

Databases for Atlanta businesses are also managed by PHP language. This can allow quick additions, deletions, and modifications to existing databases without the need for complete reconfiguration.