The driving force for commercial solar usually revolves around reducing costs. From the lucrative Federal Solar Tax Incentive to significant decreases in your electricity bill, solar can save you money. However, commercial solar also comes with a range of other benefits that make solar for your business even more appealing.

Attract Customers That are Inspired by Businesses That Have a Commitment to Sustainability

According to a survey conducted by Futerra, 88% of consumers want businesses to help them be more environmentally friendly. You can help them be more environmentally friendly by adding solar to your business. Simply adding a solar installation and telling your customers about it helps you build their trust that your products are also environmentally friendly. No matter what business sector you operate within, you can attract a new audience by advertising your commitment to sustainability through a new solar installation. Adding solar to your business provides you with a way to attract new customers while also saving you money on your taxes and electricity bill.

Employees are Increasingly Looking to Work for Sustainability-Minded Companies

You can also use your new solar installation as a way to attract employees at a lower cost. According to a recent survey, almost 40% of millennials chose a job based on the sustainability of that company. This same survey also found that 70% of millennials were more likely to choose to work at a company with a strong environmental agenda. Adding a solar installation can show this new workforce that you value sustainability and actually act on those values. By doing this you’ll attract more applicants to your job posting allowing you to choose higher quality candidates.

Not only will you attract more candidates to your job postings thanks to your solar installation, you can also find more qualified candidates at a lower cost. That same survey found that 10% of workers would be willing to take a $5,000 to $10,000 pay cut to work at a sustainability-minded company. So, adding solar to your business can help you drive down the costs of your employees.

When a Business Contracts With a Solar Company, Workers in the Local Market Complete the Installation, Thereby Supporting Local Companies

Adding a solar installation to your business also helps boost your local economy since workers in your area must complete the installation. You can also choose to work with a local provider to further help your local economy. By bringing more money into your local community, you help your own business as well. It gives more expendable money into the pockets of your customers they can spend at your business.

This idea has been proven time and time again starting with Henry Ford. He implemented a wage increase at his factory bringing wages up to $5 per day. At the time, this wage was double the average wage of a worker in the U.S. By increasing their wages it gave them enough money to afford the cars he sold boosting his overall business.

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