While graphic QR codes are a popular way to connect mobile devices through print media, QR codes with custom designs will attract even more attention, as much as 50-percent to 200-percent more scans, than standard black-and-white versions.

QR code scanners are now optimized through updated lighting and pixel recognition to quickly scan and recognize a wide range of subjects, including QR codes with logos.

Powerful Image Recognition

A logo scanner using updated image processing technology, including high-speed shutter action that can mitigate camera shake at any angle, can scan a range of codes, including damaged or faint codes or QR codes with logos.

High-Resolution Image Processing

A logo scanner can also implement improved reading algorithms and utilize reading engines that recognize both 1D barcodes at a 0.125 mm resolution and 2D barcodes at 0.167 mm resolution. This capability allows the devices to scan and recognize a wide range of imagery, including QR code logos, utility bills, and more.

Reading From Mobile LCD Screens

QR code scanners can also come equipped with advanced LED-illumination control that can work through mobile screen reflectivity and even read QR logos from mobile devices.

Improving Ease of Use

DENSO ADC is the inventor of the QR code and now the innovator of SQRC, or Secure QR code, that can manage information according to specific readers. To learn more about barcode, QR code, and logo scanners, contact the industry leader for over five decades at today.